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Blender - B283


B283 is more intelligent and versatile than ever before!
The blender uses its power to give you a personalised experience. The display allows you to select the automatic cycles, in addition to the manual mode, to make smoothies, milkshakes and frozen drinks in a completely automatic way. The cycles can be set with the Ceado App Control in the B283 Plus model.

Juice Fit Design
The square 1.5l jug was completely redesigned in looks and materials, reducing blending times. The stackable clear polycarbonate square jug makes the barman’s work easier.

B283 Plus
The app for a full Blender control!
Ceado App Control allows the programming of automatic cycles, straight from a smartphone or tablet. Endless recipes to create and share, to optimise work and improve the production of blends or bases for cocktails.

The casing, designed to withstand the greatest stresses and ensure maximum stability in each operation, houses the new powerful and reliable 1700W motor.

Dynamic Spin
The yield and texture of the blend are optimised with the new Dynamic Spin 1,5l polycarbonate jug and blades.
Made of tempered stainless steel, they do not require sharpening, guaranteeing safe use and cleaning as well as increased durability.

Easy Pad
The powerful 1700W motor is controlled with the new display, allowing you to select the mode.



220-240V • 50-60 hz


1700 W

Rpm 50hz/60hz

3000 / 28000

Net weight

4,9 kg

Gross weight

5,8 kg


195 x 180 x 450h mm


£1,200.00 excluding VAT


Additional voltage models available

Contract hire price option