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Citrocasa 8000

Citrocasa 8000 autom. feeding, programmable, 5l juice tank PERFORMING FRESHNESS – WHEN YOU CAN GO A STEP FURTHER We offer solutions with maximum performance and efficiency for the situations when every bit counts. The 8000 series is the key to your success if you manage a large supermarket or hypermarket, or if you are planning to produce fresh juice at a semi-industrial scale.


Pomegranate per minute

40 (2.7 l/min)

Feeder capacity

21 kg

Optimal fruit size

65 – 75 mm

Dimensions (HxWxD), Weight
(without base carriage)

102 x 67 x 66 cm, 78.5 kg

Dimensions (HxWxD), Weight
(with base carriage)

179 x 67.5 x 66 cm, 117 kg


74 kg

Power, Voltage

280 W, 110/230 V


From £4,935 excluding VAT

Optional accessories

lemon kit, big pressing kit, cabinet, glass presenter, bottle dispenser, tray slide, shop in shop system, countertop installation kit etc.

Contract hire price option