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Hotel or Catering

Juicing Equipment for Hotels and Caterers

Looking for the perfect accompaniment for your world-class breakfast buffet? Allow your guests to greet the morning just right with some freshly squeezed juice from one of iSqueeze’s impressive line of ​juicers​.

Front of House Applications

For front-of-house usage, iSqueeze has an extensive selection of ​citrus juicers that extract every last bit of pulp from oranges, lemons, grapefruit and more. Your guests will love the experience of preparing their own tasty morning beverages, with no added artificial sweeteners, preservatives or extenders mixed in. Nothing but pure, zesty goodness to help them start their day.

In-Kitchen Use

For more industrial applications and use in the kitchen, iSqueeze also offers cold press and ​centrifugal juicers that can stand up to the toughest jobs quickly and conveniently. ​Cold press juicers efficiently extract pure essences from vegetables, fruit and even additives like wheatgrass, providing your guests with unadulterated plant-based goodness. On the other hand, some of our centrifugal juicer designs have multiple chutes to allow several different kinds of fruits and vegetables to be fed into the juicing chamber at the same time. This is the ideal choice for the extra busy kitchen.

Flexible Options

iSqueeze even has juicer models that are mounted on wheels, allowing caterers to transport their ​juicing equipment to their clients’ venue. Hotels may also want to move their ​juicers back and forth between the main dining area and the back of the house, with this option. No matter which juicing option you select, your hotel or catering service can expect the following benefits from having its own juice machine:

Additional premium services – If your establishment can add to its menu of available premium services, this creates additional revenue streams for itself. Fresh-squeezed or fresh-pressed juice could be an excellent addition to a hotel’s list of services that guests will have to pay for out of pocket.

An added bit of fun for guests – As service industry professionals, hoteliers and caterers are mainly concerned with one thing: their guests’ comfort. Adding a do-it-yourself ​juicing machine to a lavish breakfast buffet would be a good way to allow guests to play with their food a little bit as they prepare their own juice. For kids, watching the gears and cogs turn as the juice is extracted from the fruit can be fascinating.

Unmatched guest satisfaction – Nothing makes a guest happier than hearing that magic word “Yes” when they make a request. On the other hand, having to deny guest requests disappoints both hotel management and the guests themselves. Giving guests options that they can then customise to their tastes makes them feel more comfortable and secure in the quality of the service they receive while in the hotel’s care.

For Your Hotel’s Juicing Needs

Looking for ​commercial juicing equipment for your hotel? iSqueeze is the UK’s leading provider of commercial juicers, blenders and slushie machines. Since we began operation in 2011, our products have brought satisfaction and refreshment to business travellers and vacationers alike. It’s no wonder then that we’ve become the trusted source for ​juicing equipment at over 500 locations nationwide. Our commitment to excellent service and products that stand the test of time has been supported by our long-standing relationships with the industry’s best brands.

Make us your partner for all your juicing needs, and we’ll stand by you each step of the way, from product introduction to aftermarket parts sourcing and maintenance. We even have flexible payment and leasing options to suit every budget. Give us a call today and let’s find a way to work together.

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