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Juicing Solutions for Your Business

From quaint cafes to huge supermarkets, iSqueeze helps businesses establish a new revenue stream through commercial juicers, slush machines and blenders. Customers will flock to you because they know that your offer fresh, all-natural juices and smoothies squeezed straight from the fruits.

Your Establishment’s New Offering

Beverage dispensers underwhelm shoppers and diners. They’ve seen them countless times, so it does nothing to set your cafe, juice bar or catering services apart.

Impress your guests and shoppers with a portable piece of technology that extracts every drinkable drop from each batch of fruits. Our commercial juicers allow people to see the process of juicing, from slicing the oranges to squeezing the half to filtering the chunky pulp.

Don’t stop at juicer machines, though — iSqueeze also provides slush machines and blenders, so you can offer smoothies and slush drinks at your cafe or juice bar. Your customers would love the variety of refreshments on your menu.

Moreover, because the machines do most of the work, you drive down labour costs and increase your profit margin.

Creating a Loyal Customer Base

In the eyes of your customers, you provide the best fruit juices for their well-being because the drinks come straight from the fruits — no preservatives or artificial sweeteners. It’s all-natural, carrying a heavy dose of citric nutrients. This is a very profitable endeavour as healthy eating diets have become more popular in the UK.

Getting the fruit juice won’t be an inconvenience, as well. Some of the machines come with disposable cups and bottles. All customers need to do is grab a container and fill it up. To enhance their experience even further, the equipment features sleek design that look great on any counter or merchandise display.

Juice Machines from iSqueeze

With every juice machine installed in your store, you’re sure that your customers always get fresh drinks. Our products boast extreme reliability, helping you meet demands, no matter how long the queues are. Fitted with the innovative juicing technology, our juicers, blenders and slush machines make the most of every drop of pulp in the fruits.

You also don’t have to worry about the fruit supply, as our team delivers fresh fruits, all 52 weeks in the year. We guarantee the quality of each batch, so you can produce the best juices and smoothies.

Learn how our equipment will boosts your business:
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