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Let’s Get Juicing!

iSqueeze is the largest supplier of commercial juice machines for fresh juice in seconds, using the latest technology and highest quality fresh and frozen fruit to boost businesses’ revenue, with 1000s of satisfied customers across the UK and Ireland.

Pineapple Slicer

Fast. Convenient. Affordable.

From frozen fruit sachet to freshly blend smoothie in 30 seconds

Why iSqueeze?

Quality Everytime

Our self-service juice machines offer precision cutting for excellent juice purity using the latest in juice innovation, combined with the finest fruit from around the world.

Profit for you

Businesses can achieve fantastic margins for every bottle of fresh juice sold.

Smart machines

NEW touch screen displays, intelligent stop sensor technology for improved waste management, automatic sieve cleaning and dishwasher compatible. We save you time.

Flexible payment options

Our machines can be purchased outright, or customers can benefit from one of our contract hire plans, allowing you to profit from our juice machines immediately.

We do it all

We provide a juice machine best suited to your business, quality fruit, self-sealing bottles, and on-hand maintenance for commercial juice makers! So, no hassle, just added profits for you.

Who we work with

Self-service juice machines to suit all business sizes

Fresh orange juice maker powering the players and the nation!

Food Service

Powering the players and the nation!


Juicing options for your business

Juice & Cocktail Bars

Juice & Cocktail Bars

Make your life simple by sourcing all of your equipment, fresh and frozen fruit from iSqueeze, taking away the hassle from your business while enjoying wholesale prices. With iSqueeze, you can add various refreshments to your juice or cocktail bar’s menu. Install a juice maker for fresh orange, grapefruit, lemon or lime juice. You could also get a hooded blender to make smoothies. Expect long queues for your drinks.

Hotel & Catering

Hotel & Catering

Do away with the dull beverage dispenser and put your juice machine on display. Hotel and catering services become more exciting when diners see their drinks transform from fresh fruits to a delicious cup of juice. The guests will surely talk about your catering even after leaving the hotel.



Bring theatre to your store and turn healthy drinks into healthy profits when you install a juice machine right in the middle of your supermarket or convenience store. The quick, easy-to-use machine will entice shoppers to fill their bottles. Who can resist taking a sip of juice that’s guaranteed fresh?

Cafe & Concession Stand

Cafe & Concession Stand

Give your customers other options besides coffee and tea. Install a reliable commercial juice machine that serves orange, lemon, or lime juice. Don’t worry about ruining the look of your curated counter; our machines boast a sleek design that draws people in, no matter their beverage preference.