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Businesses need to sell as little as 1 ½ bottles of juice per day

Businesses need to sell as little as 1 ½ bottles of juice per day to cover the cost of their orange squeezing machine.

Our team are fully trained for speedy maintenance and aftercare for commercial juice machines.

iSqueeze always offer businesses flexible payment options, to work for a range of business needs. Juice machines can be bought outright, or customers can contract-hire commercial juicers, which would include full maintenance cover.

This option means businesses can trade-in an outdated industrial orange juice machine for a new one to always have the latest technology. Put simply, if you hired the Citrocasa Revolution machine, you’d only need to sell as little as 1 ½ cups per day to cover the cost of the contract hire. Most cafes will sell around 20 bottles a day!

Our Equipment

Citrus and Pomegranate

Citrocasa Revolution
Citrocasa Fantastic M/AS
Citrocasa Fantastic M/SB
Citrocasa Fantastic Connect
Citrocasa Fantastic eXpress
Citrocasa 8000
Citrocasa 8000 Pomegranate
Citrocasa 8000 eXpress

Multifruit Juicers

Multifruit Juicer - ES500
Multifruit Juicer - ES700
Multifruit Juicer - ES900


Blender - B185
Blender - B280
Blender - B283
Blender - B284
Blender - B285

Pineapple slicer

ISLA - Pineapple Slicer

Slush Machines

Blue Ice M175X2
Blue Ice ST12X2
Blue Ice ST12X3


8000 Single Cabinet
8000 Double Cabinet
Fantastic Cabinet
Crushed Ice Cabinet
Bottle Dispenser
One Stop Press Kit
Housing Unit