iSqueeze was featured in Retail News again this week!

Retail News reported that juice machines are becoming more popular, with “an array of brands, flavours, and sizes available… they are no longer a niche offering.” Juice machines are a great way for stores to stand out, as they attract attention, draw in customers, and almost sell themselves.

iSqueeze juice machines offer a great healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks, perfect for any weather. It’s a refreshing and tasty drink for the summer and a great, healthy boost for winter. Customers can enjoy freshly squeezed orange juice in minutes. The self-serving juice machines look great in-store and really catch customers’ eyes. As Elias Elbert, the managing director of iSqueeze, says, “Seeing the fruit provided in each bottle shows its freshness.”

“Consumers like the added theatre of going in-store and serving their own chilled juice,” says Elias. With an iSqueeze machine, stores can see profit margins as high as 40%. We offer a variety of machines, including fresh orange juice machines, fresh pomegranate machines, and even ISLA, our freshly sliced pineapple machine. Your customers will be amazed and keep coming back for more.

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