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Blender - B284


Feel the power and speed. The new knob allows you to modulate the rpms and the flow, while the pulse function can impress an instant peak to the spin. With the powerful 1700 W engine, you can reach the texture you feel.

Juice Fit Design
The blade assembly of the new Dynamic Spin 1,5 l jug, made of stainless steel, is designed to blend, cut and crush fruit and ice to perfection.

10 ice cubes crushed in just a few seconds, just add a bit of rum or unleash your imagination!
The new fastening system secures the container quickly and simply, reducing noise and increasing the durability of the parts. In case of wear, the clutches may be easily replaced, no technical assistance needed.

Dynamic Spin
The yield and texture of the blend are optimised with the new Dynamic Spin 1,5l polycarbonate jug and blades.
Made of tempered stainless steel, they do not require sharpening, guaranteeing safe use and cleaning as well as increased durability.

Feel the power
You can create every mixing profile with which you can explore all sort of recipes and textures. Use it at slow speed with a big ice cube to turn your blender in a shaker for a perfect hard shake, with proper chilling, dilution and emulsion.
Start slow and reach the peak for the right mouthfeel of your smoothies and frozen cocktails.



220-240V • 50-60 hz


1700 W

Rpm 50hz/60hz

1500 / 28000

Net weight

4,9 kg

Gross weight

5,8 kg


195 x 180 x 470h mm


£999.00 excluding VAT


Additional voltage models available

Contract hire price option