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Blue Ice ST12X2

Versatile Commercial Slush Machines in the UK

Offer a cold, sweet treat even after summer ends. iSqueeze’s slush machines create flavourful slush drinks that appeal to people of all ages. Both children and adults will enjoy a frozen bite anytime of the year, especially if it’s made of natural ingredients like fresh fruit juice. Our slush machines are a robust revenue stream for your store, whether you’re a convenience store, a smoothie bar or a catering company.
With a clean, sleek design, these commercial slush machines make for an enticing display. People won’t be able to resist the refreshing goodness churned in a see-through tank. And with a smooth dispensing mechanism, customers can easily fill up their containers with the refreshing slurpee.

Extreme Versatility
Because slush machines work with concentrates, you can create various slush flavours, from fruit to vegetable to coffee. You can make your mix as sweet or tart as you desire and get ahead of the food trends in your town. Make your slush drink as simple as a frozen orange juice or as complicated as a three-flavour drink.
Additionally, our slush machines have several adjustable freezing levels, so you can create drinks of different consistencies.
Prepare to experiment with food combinations. Offer unique slush drinks, and keep your customers on the lookout for your latest concoction.

Excellent Performance
Nothing beats the cooling power of iSqueeze’s slush machines — it can turn the runniest, thinnest mixture into thick, icy slush in a matter of minutes. Your customers won’t have to wait long to get their treat. There’ll always a sweet drink available to quench their thirst.
Our slush machines are also extremely reliable, ensuring minimal downtime for your store. They have metal gears, which are more durable than their plastic counterparts. Trust that you won’t face huge repair bills anytime soon. Additionally, the machines are easy to clean and maintain, so your staff can spend more time on important aspects of running the business.
Create different kinds of slush drinks that appeal to all kinds of customers in the UK. Get in touch for enquiries about our commercial slush machines.