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ISLA - Pineapple Slicer

Fresh cutted pineapple ready to eat

Isla by Zummo provides consumers with a unique experience, by quickly and easily making a fresh pineapple ready to eat anywhere.
You will be creating new sensations for your customers while guaranteeing the very best quality of your service. Isla will boost your earnings by conferring high technology to your business.

Isla has arrived to give an about-turn to the way we eat natural pineapple. Why will it be a success in your business? Because it is quick, easy to use, safe and profitable.
In just 15 seconds Isla cuts off the crown, removes the peel and the core of the pineapple, and then cuts it into slices, chunks or sticks. Fresh and ready to go!

Cutting options
Isla provides 3 cutting options: slices, sticks or chunks, which will be established by the operator according to requirements. This machine is adaptable to different sizes. Getting the most out of pineapples.
Make your business stand out from the rest by offering innovations to your customers.

Compact design
Isla has a solid, compact design. It comprises a single block to guarantee that it remains sealed to prevent any foreign bodies from entering.

Zummo Cloud
With Zummo Cloud easily and effectively manage where your machines are. Know the status of your machine at all times in order to provide your customers with the very best service and interact with Isla to change its status wherever you may be.

Isla is customisable
You decide what your Isla will look like. Our new model will quickly and easily adapt to your establishment. Customise the graphics and stickers to fully match the aesthetics of your business.


Processing time


Annual consumption

Slices/Chunks: 217,152 Kwh/year I Sticks: 144,768 Kwh/year

Waste collection

79 l


800 (x) 1710 (y) 800 (z)


200 kg

Electricity consumption

1,6 kW, 220-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Noise level

<70 dB (A)


Door with safety switch. Multiple safety sensors.

Recommended size

Kit 5-6 (Ø from 135 mm) Kit 7-8 (Ø 110-135 mm) Kit 9-10 (Ø to 110 mm)

Maximum diameter

135 mm

Recommended pineapple height

Minimum height 125 mm


£17,500 excluding VAT

Contract hire price option