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Multifruit Juicer - ES900

Easy to switch between through the counter and on-counter use.
Heavy duty increased output, double feed chute for optimal extraction of juice from fruits and vegetables, continuous duty and quietness. Ideal for high-turnover juice bars that consume over 20 kg of fruit and vegetables a day.

The pulp ejection
Es900 can easily works both with the automatic ejection of the pulp through the counter, or operating directly on the counter.


Juice Fit
The grating disc and mesh filter are designed to extract the fruit juices gently, guaranteeing maximum performance also with leafy vegetables.

Pulp retainer
Thanks to the “Pulp Retainer” – a stroke of genius by Ceado – the juice obtained is clearer and brighter, thus considerably enhancing the taste.

Heavy duty increased output – h24

Wash and go!
Dishwashing is quick and easy, as the basket with magnetic catch and parts in contact with food are simple to remove and replace, with no tool required.

Silent System
The material and the design of the motor’s cover allow for an incredible quietness, guaranteeing a pleasant environment for both customers and operators.



220-240V • 50-60 hz


1000 W

Rpm 50hz/60hz

3000 / 3600

Net weight

23,0 kg

Gross weight

27,0 kg


290 x 538 x 512h mm30

Feed chute

50 mm – 75 mm


£2,495.00 excluding VAT


Additional voltage models available

Contract hire price option